Global State Trading, LLC

We provide quality products and services for clients all over the world ... Pipe Insulation, Blanket and Roll Insulation, Board Insulation, Duct Wrap, Liner, Board, HVAC, Insulation Jacketing and Fitting Covers, Spray Foam Insulation, Fire Stop and Fire Protection Products, Fabricated Pipe Insulation, Pre Insulated Pipe Saddles, Insulation Coatings and Adhesives, Fasteners, Pre-Engineered Steel Structures and Components, Sandwich Panels, and More …..

     Providing Quality Services and Products

Global State Trading is a New Jersey based company located in East Coast, USA.  The company’s prime location in a region with major producers of industrial and commercial insulations and metal building materials, as well as, major ports in New Jersey and New York, facilitates business activities of the company.


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