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Global State Trading, LLC

17  Inwood Drive

Milltown,  New Jersey  08850  USA

Global State Trading, LLC

Providing Quality Services and Products

Global State Trading is a New Jersey based company located in East Coast, USA.  The company’s prime location in a region with major producers of industrial and commercial insulations and metal building materials, as well as, major ports in New Jersey and New York, facilitates business activities of the company. providing highest quality of services to both domestic and international markets.


Global State Trading, LLC

17 Inwood Drive

Milltown, NJ 08850, USA


Tel:  (+01) 732 422 7030

Fax: (+01) 732 422 7031


Sales:  sales@globalstatetrading.com

Information:  info@globalstatetrading.com


Visit us at:   www.globalstatetrading.com