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Global State Trading, LLC

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Services and Products

INDUSTRIAL INSULATION - Calcium Silicate Fittings, Pipe & Block, Ceramic Fibers, Fiberglass and Foamglass Products, Insulbatte, Perliteto, Styrofoam Pipe & Board, Mineral Wool Products, etc.

COMMERCIAL INSULATIONAir Handling Systems, Armaflex Tubing, Batt Insulation, etc.

ROOFING PRODUCTS - Built-Up Roofing Felts, Fiberglass, Urethane & Perlite, Waterproofing and Coating Products, etc.

METAL BUILDING INSULATION - Celotex Thermax, Panel Insulation, Perlite & Vermiculite, Laminated Blankets  - Vinyl, FSK, VRF, PSF, PSK, etc

REFRACTORY PRODUCTSCastable, Ceramic Fiber & Modules, etc.

ACCESSORY MATERIALS - Adhesive & Mastics, Aluminum Jacketing, Fittings, Strapping & Seals, P.V.C. and Stainless Steel Products, Wire, Cables, etc.

FIRE STOPS & PROTECTION - Nelson, 3M, USG, Sealants, Putties & Ctimpounds, Collars & MCT's, etc.

ACOUSTICAL PRODUCTS - Battles & Stops, Ceiling Tiles & Boards, Lead Sheeting, etc.

SPECIAL FABRICATION - Special Jacketed Pipe Insulation, Special Laminating of Blankets, Metal Mesh Blankets, Flange & Valve Covers, etc.

ASBESTOS REMOVAL - Cloth Tapes, Poly Sheeting & Suits, etc.

INDOOR AIR QUALITY - Duct Liner Sealers and Coatings, Primers, Coatings & Fibers, Fungicidal Protective Coatings, etc.

OTHERS - Access Doors, Adhesives & Sealants, Anchoring Systems, Duct (Prefabricated, Rectangular, Spiral, Flat Oval, Flexible), Duct Liner, Duct Sealants & Silicon, Duct Wrap, Scored Liners Board, Connectors, Flange, Gas & Fuel Chimney Pipe, Grills, Registers & Diffusers, Dampers & Louvers, Insulation Products, Mineral Wool, etc.

Industrial & Commercial Insulations


CS SERIES, CS2 SERIES, HD SERIES - High Corrosion Resistant Self-Drilling Fasteners

SS3/SS4 SERIES, SSS3/SSS4 SERIES - Various 300/400 Series Stainless Steel Grade Self-Drilling Fasteners

BM SERIES - Carbon Steel Drill Tip with Stainless Steel Shank,  Bi-Metal

SR SERIES - Economical Range of Superior Corrosion Resistant 


DYNO BOLTS, NUTS & WASHERS, Special High Tensile Bolts & Nuts, Circular Flat Washers & Spring Washers


CTCS, CTSR & CTZN SERIES - High Corrosion Resistant and Economical Range of Superior Corrosion Resistant and Electro-Zinc Plated CONTAPS


Electro-Zinc Plated Self-Tapping & Self-Drilling Floorboard Fasteners          


SD-RV SERIES - Full Aluminum Solid Rivets

SL-RV SERIES - 100% Water Proof Sealed Rivets                        



RF-SS SERIES - 3-Way Reinforced Single Sided Aluminum Foil Insulation

RF-DS SERIES - 3-Way Reinforced Double Sided Aluminum Foil Insulation

RF-HD SERIES - Heavy Duty, Long Life, Fully Water Proof Foil Insulation


Fastening Solutions

Metal Building Frames and Products & More

Pre-engineered steel structures

Steel building components

Sandwich panels

Pre-cast concrete products

Pre-stressed products

Fiber Optic Products

Copper Products

Broadband products

Bonding products

Communication Strand & Cable Products

Global State Trading, llc, was created to serve the requirements of the metal building industry all over the world. The people behind its operation believe that service excellence is the key to company’s success and it could be achieved by giving the customers a total satisfaction in every transaction.